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History of the Company

Taurus Diamonds

Taurus Diamonds Company started its activity in 2017. The company was a subsidiary of Sociedade de Desenvolvimento Mineiro de Angola and mined diamonds with the help of their enterprises and equipment. The goal was one, maximize the capitalization of the company and enter the market as an independent company. In 2018, a new era began for the company. The company's engineers began developing unique equipment for the synthesis of diamonds. During the year there were trial launches and by the end of 2018, the first diamond weighing 8.3 carats was already synthesized. A week later, the company has already produced 25 carats weekly. Capitalization for six months, grew from 100 million to 450 million dollars. After that it was decided to detach from the company SDM and position itself as independent and independent company. Two vectors of development were immediately established:
1. Classical diamond mining
2. Production of artificial diamonds
In 2019 year, registered company Taurus Diamonds
Since the company is private and does not receive grants from the state, it was decided to make it an investment. The inflow of investments accumulates in purchase of equipment for manufacture of synthetic diamonds and expedition on opening of new deposits of diamonds.
Production of synthetic diamonds gives a stable and regular income. At the moment, the capacity of the plant is designed to produce 217 000 carats per year, the production of diamonds is 75 000 carats per year. Due to the investment program, the company plans to increase production to 500 000 carats per year.
What do we offer?
1. Stable and guaranteed income from the production and production of diamonds.
2. The contract for the entire term of the investment, which guarantees the obligations of the parties
3. Monthly report on production and production of diamonds
4. Get a unique collection of blue diamonds in your personal order
And this is only a small part of the benefits of working with the company Taurus Diamonds


2021 year

Opening of a network of jewellery shops with own production

Year 2020

Construction of a full-fledged diamond production plant. Annual diamond production plan – 500 000 carats per year

2019 Year

The company was registered and obtained a license for mining diamonds. Thus, becoming fully autonomous and independent

2018 Year

Production of synthetic diamonds began. The first diamond had a weight of 8.3 carats

2017 year

Start of diamond Mining company