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Frequently Asked Questions


What the company does and who manages its assets
The company's activity is mining and production of diamonds with the subsequent resale in the jewellery and rocket-space industry. The ultimate beneficiary of the company is Barrett Nash-Williams
How to start working with the company Taurus Diamonds
In order to become an investor of the company, it is necessary to register a personal account in our investment program. Just click the "Register" button and follow the simple instructions
How many accounts for personal use can I register with the company
You can only register one account for personal use. We supervise the observance of this rule and reserve the right to suspend the operation of the account (several accounts), if a violation of this rule is detected
How safe is it to use the company website
The official site of the company www. Taurus. Diamonds is equipped with all necessary means of protection against harmful actions of third parties. SSL-encryption of transmitted data, protection against DDoS-attacks, as well as multiple systems of control and anti-virus protection
In what currency can I invest
We work with USD (US dollars), Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum
How much money can I start investing
The minimum amount to create a deposit is $100
What payment systems can I use to invest
You can see the current list of payment systems in your account
Are there any restrictions on the number of deposits and their volume
You can purchase a maximum of two portfolios: "Business" and "investment" with a maximum investment volume of USD 100 ' 000
How quickly my deposit starts to work
The deposit starts working instantly, and the next day (except Saturday and Sunday) at 12.00 (GMT) you will be accrued the first profit
What days will I get a profit
Interest accrual on all deposits takes place daily at 12 o'clock (GMT) except Saturday and Sunday
What is the minimum amount to withdraw funds
The minimum amount for withdrawal is 20 USD
How long does it take to withdraw funds
The application for withdrawal of funds from investment portfolios is carried out on Fridays. Payments are made on Friday and Saturday. Payments under the Affiliate and bonus program, are carried out daily, except Sundays. Payment regulations 72 hours from the date of application
I want to get support how I can contact you
Use the Contacts section and choose the best way to contact customer support
What is the schedule of the Support service
The Support service accepts cases in several ways. When contacting through the feedback form or e-mail, you can apply 24 hours a day. Online Support works from 10.00-20.00 (GMT + 03:00)
How long does the support service take?
It can take up to 24 hours to review customer support requests. We will make every effort to solve the problem or respond to your request as quickly as possible

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