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Production report for June 2019


For the first month of Taurus Diamonds, we have the following results:
The production of rough diamonds increased by eight per cent to 112,000 carats due to increased production in South Africa (DBCM).


Production increased by two percent to 75,000 carats. This was due to an increase in production
in Jwaeng, as planned, by 12 per cent to 175,000. Orapa production fell by seven percent as a result of the plant shutdown during this period.


Sales of diamond raw materials amounted to 117,000 carats (117,000 carats on a consolidated basis)


The production plan remains unchanged at 0.5 to 0.7 million carats, subject to the terms of trade.

  • Taurus Diamonds is produced on a 100 per cent basis, with the exception of the Gahcho Ku’s joint venture, which accounts for 21 per cent.
  • Orapa is an Orap mode that includes Orapa, Letlhacane and Damtshaa.
  • Consolidated sales volumes exclude a 50 per cent proportional share of Taurus Diamonds joint venture partners in sales to non-Taurus Diamonds companies from Diamond Trading Company Botswana and Namibia Diamond Trading Company, which are included in total sales (based on 100).